Arise Sanctuary - March 2016

Arise Sanctuary, March 2016, marked the first women's retreat. Here is what some of the women have to say about their experiences...

Thank you for a truly life changing weekend. I am very, very grateful - so much more than I can ever say. Every detail was so full of love and so beautiful and I’ve NEVER felt so spoilt in my life. I am so awakened after the weekend and incredibly thankful that you have bought back parts of my hopes and heart back to life. -
— Johanna Wallace
I would like to encourage any woman wanting to grow more in their relationship with our heavenly father and how to hear from him and generally hang out with him..... Aside from all the life-changing preciousness, the accommodation is pure luxury and the food and friends you make will change your world for ever!! I had the best time and it has pushed me into stepping out into my purpose too. DO IT!!!
— Faval Copedo
From the moment I arrived I felt an overwhelming sense of love and support from the Arise team. I have taken away such an array of knowledge, skills and relationships from the retreat.
— Tanya Williams

Arise Sanctuary - September 2016

Arise sanctuary, September 2016, included a breath taking view and many unique moments. Here is what some of the women have to say about their experiences...

I can honestly class Arise weekend as one of the best moments of my mummy life. 3 days and 3 nights away from every day life..not only was I rested, I came back with new focus, new excitement, new joy and one thing I did not friendships with some of the most amazing and encouraging women ever.
From the moment I arrived i was blessed with smiles, gifts, scrumptious food, breath-taking events and moments, genuine womanly conversations, food runs, understanding of my purpose, immense prayer and a complete drowning and deeper feel of Jesus’ love.
It will be a weekend I will always remember, a weekend I would recommend to all - No matter where you are at in your life.
Watch out world, Jodi has a new lease on life!!
— Jodi from September Arise 2016


Mini Power Retreat - November 2016

Arise Sanctuary's first mini retreat was beyond words. There was a drenching of love, refreshment, anointing, encouragement and growth.

The retreat unquivocally offered an overwhelming loving, deeply intuitive space that gave me permission to safely come and crumple at my Fathers feet and know that it would result in nothing but acceptance and inspiration.
As you can tell I am more than impressed with my personal experience of Arise and wholeheartedly urge you to consider it as a tool to ‘personally pause’ your life and be reminded of what matters most about it.
— Pricilla Fredricksen
Lisa Bruton