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Lisa Bruton

Pioneer and director OF ARISE SANCTUARY

Lisa Bruton

Lisa is the founder and director of Arise Sanctuary, an organisation that runs luxury boutique retreats for women. A qualified occupational therapist and life coach, Lisa is passionate about creating spaces for women to stop and hear God's voice. Arise runs domestic and international retreats for women to rest and be refreshed, but most importantly to have the space to reconnect with God, to restore their hearts and reestablish their identities. A mum of two young girls, Lisa is dedicated to seeing women equipped and empowered to step out and follow their dreams.

Lisa- director of Arise Sanctuary

Jodi Shirreff   

Designer of all things beautiful for arise and blessing to all participants of arise

Jodi is a wife and mother to 3 gorgeous children. She has an incredible capacity and can just about do anything! We love Jodi! All things beautiful in the retreats, including letters and books have been designed by Jodi.

Jodi also has a heart to love and serve women. You will see her from early in the morning until late in the evening, serving each and every woman. Jodi does everything outside the lime light but everyone is touched and notices all that she does. She is a crucial part of Arise Sanctuary and you will be blessed by her.


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"Thank you for a truly life changing weekend. I am very, very grateful - so much more than I can ever say. Every detail was so full of love and so beautiful and I’ve NEVER felt so spoilt in my life. I am so awakened after the weekend and incredibly thankful that you have bought back parts of my hopes and heart back to life."

— Johanna Wallace